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Daria was born into a family of classical musicians and she started to play the piano naturally at the age of 3. For her, music was the first language, and often she would translate words into it and vice versa.  


She studied piano performance in the Conservatory of Oviedo (Spain), and later in ArtEz Conservatory in the Netherlands, where she also participated in numerous art projects, creating interdisciplinary performances. 


She had the opportunity of learning from professors such as Galina Egyazarova, Irina Zarytskaya, Victor Derevianko and Tatiana Zelikman, who inspired her to explore pianism and music beyond the scope of academic performance into a deeper level of artistry. 


After her graduation with a master thesis “The eclipse of trauma on the performing musician”. She took time off to explore holistic healing and to focus on studying the western esoteric tradition.  


During this period, she started experimenting with different concert formats in the search of a way to bring stillness and authenticity to the stage. For her, music is never a means of entertainment but a tool to express beauty and awaken love that awaits latent in the heart of our human condition. 


To bring back the presence of the audience, she plays, integrates, and expands her knowledge of mystery schools in her performances, in order to sublimate the collective experience.


In a fast-paced world art is becoming intrinsically indivisible from money. Our screens, and loudspeakers play shorter excerpts and expressions, and new formats are taking strictly bidimensional shape. 


Our venues are full of trained artists that are forced to entertain us again with the same music, or to show a piece of work to be studied and dissected as a curiosity, to become a part of a conversation after dinner. 


We seek more than ever a solace of peace and a deeper emotion that our predictable daily activities are failing to arouse. There is no space in our lives for a slow (Sun)day, nor in our minds and bodies for emoting, processing, and experiencing our existence.  


But are we ready to renounce the privilege of permanent social connection and instant gratification to give way to authentic expression and creativity? 


An overwhelmed mind and soul, numbed by constant input, will experience discomfort, or even collapse in the first minutes of silence in a collective space. The rawness of being present with strangers that only minutes ago were a part of the machine, is an experience that one needs to get accustomed to. 


This mild shock of perception is one very essential step in the artistic process, which is washing and cleansing our eyes to see beauty, open our hearts to feel deeper, and connect authentically as a whole. 


As an artist, it is my duty to not conform with the commodification of classical music, and protect the power of our collective sublimation as a necessary step in our human evolution to jump from one era to another.

Will we be present enough to shift the decline of our civilisation into newborn horizons?


"The highest goal of music is to connect one's soul to their Divine Nature, not entertainment" 

- Pythagoras

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