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Anima Lab creates alone and in collaboration. In order to balance microcosmos and macrocosmos, Anima Lab engages in interdisciplinary work with other practitioners and artists starting from the seed, the conceptual process, throughout the production until the execution. The content and the shape remains flexible while the view and intention always remains at the core of the project..




Dark Delight is an immersive installation, a ceremony of senses in absolute darkness through guided meditation, art performance, and a classical piano concert.

We access the collective mind through the singular individual perception of beauty to explore the depths and expression of our inner world. The music pieces, artwork and opening act are carefully crafted into an organic and unique journey.

This experience is an ultimate apology of the celebration of our inner universe. Through a welcoming tea ceremony and grounding techniques, we immerse ourselves in the Dark to listen to a classical piano live performance. The pieces written by composers such as Beethoven, Debussy, Scriabin and Messiaen are inspired by the different aspects of darkness.


We seek to cater you the discovery of your inner landscape in the comfort of community and ceremony. We lead you through vibration and subtle tangible energies into your microcosmos.


In Dark Delight you are the Art coming to Life. An ongoing alchemical process that ignites your light in the vast space of endless possibilities.

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